Pebble Labs is a biotechnology company located in Los Alamos, at the New Mexico Consortium. Our focus is disease control and food security.

With a growing population and an increasing emergence of infectious diseases, there is a need for novel solutions. Pebble Labs' innovative patent-pending solutions are at the forefront of eliminating viruses in animals and plants, including those delivered by insects. 

Led by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Richard Sayre, a Senior Research Scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and New Mexico Consortium, Pebble Labs has three main subsidiary companies. 

  • Little Fly Labs utilizes a proprietary mosquito treatment to block the expression and replication of vector-borne viruses, such as Zika, Dengue, Yellow Fever and West Nile Virus.
  • Iron Leaf Biosciences focuses on plant protection by using endophytic bacteria to silence fungal and viral pathogen genes as well as insect pests.
  • Imugenics provides solutions to the animal health industry, initially on the control of diseases that affect shrimps and high-value farmed fish but eventually extending in to poultry. 

All three companies utilize Pebble Labs' platform delivery system which uses naturally occurring bacteria to produce double-stranded RNA to inhibit the expression of target genes. This RNA interference solution does not have any negative human, eco-system, or environmental impact associated with many competing control systems and can be applied cost-effectively in affected areas across the globe.



Nature video explaining how RNAi works.