Tomato - Brown Rugose Fruit Virus

Pests and disease threaten
the world’s food sources

Viruses in plants and animals can have devastating impacts, resulting in massive crop loss, destroyed fields and ponds, quarantines and borders closed to trade. The speed at which viruses can mutate is alarming, and new outbreaks are expected. Urgent solutions are needed.

We need safe solutions that can be implemented at the moment new pathogen threats appear

Pebble Labs is working to establish a food security solution that can be rapidly deployed against emerging plant and animal diseases. Our early research has demonstrated unprecedented results against diseases without current solutions, addressing viruses in farmed shrimp and tomatoes.

Salmon - Sea Lice
Salmon - Sea Lice
Banana - Panama Disease

Biotechnology has never been more important in crop and food production

By 2050, 9.7 billion people will require 50% more food, grown on fewer acres; Currently, pests and disease reduce agriculture productivity by 40%; Aquaculture demand will double by 2030; and 50% of aquaculture crops are lost each year to disease.  This demand will require innovation and collaboration to meet the global need for food security.