Meet A/Prof Matthew Tan – Scientific Advisory Board Member
February 24, 2020
Meet Professor Stephen Dellaporta – Scientific Advisory Board Member
June 3, 2020

Parallax: Speeding Science to Market Through Data

The parallax effect describes the phenomenon where objects appear different from different viewpoints. Our brainy team on Parallax is in the business of helping find new ways to look at our scientific research.

The team, who combine their collective skills in omics, computational biology, bioinformatics, and rational design, are turning what used to take years of laboratory work into a week’s worth of computational work in order to discover, design and engineer biological molecules to use in our laboratory and field research.  Why does this matter?  Because it literally makes our work smarter, more efficient, cheaper, and more effective.

By creating or simulating research in silico (through modeling, data mining, and analysis…aka lots of computer science, math and statistics), our team is able to identify logical starting points for our bench research to move proof of technology and proof of concept along the commercialization scale more quickly. This team has a pretty strong record so far…100% of the problems that Pebble Labs has presented to Parallax as challenges have had a working solution prepared in silico and later validated in vitro. Not too shabby.

To understand this better, in one study, the team took a class of over one hundred thousand natural proteins to explore an ideal solution to a specific product need. They then looked at all possible 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, and atomistic properties of the proteins of interest using machine learning, modeling, and simulation capabilities. The goal of any such project is to mimic activity in the real world as accurately as possible in virtual space. The team was able to identify a small set of ideal candidate proteins to meet the solution. These solutions were then taken into the lab for testing and an ideal real-world solution was achieved.

So, how much quicker is this method?  In the example above, Parallax took over one hundred thousand proteins and identified ten ideal candidates for laboratory testing in under one week’s time. Using more traditional laboratory-based approaches, the same type of screening can take years of work and millions of dollars.

Parallax is our powerful, in-house team of experts who are helping Pebble Labs advance our science to commercialization.