Pebble Labs Announces Key Leadership Changes
June 1, 2020

Pebble Labs Launches Global Field Trials for Tomato and Shrimp Projects, Aiming for First Solution to Deadly Viruses

LOS ALAMOS, NM, June 22, 2020 – In a move to continue progress toward commercializing their breakthrough technology to address global diseases and pathogens in food crops, Pebble Labs USA Inc., is launching global field trials for their aquaculture and agriculture research this month. Both projects are focusing on viral diseases that currently have no solution and create billions of dollars of losses each year, further threatening global food security.

Tomato trials begin this week in Mission, Texas to test the efficacy of Directed Biotics™, Pebble’s proprietary technology platform, against Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV). ToBRFV is an aggressive new plant virus that has prompted quarantine and destruction of infected tomato plants and seeds in the US and EU. The virus, which is highly transmissible, causes total loss of crops if discovered and can affect tomato, pepper and eggplants crops. Directed Biotics naturally replaces the use of chemical pesticides to treat the disease in agriculture.

The aquaculture trials, being conducted in Vietnam, will validate the relative efficacy of Directed Biotics in significantly controlling shrimp mortality rates due to White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV), a viral disease that currently causes $3.5B loss each year for farmed shrimp. Directed Biotics, unlike existing treatments in aquaculture, does not rely on heavy chemical use to treat these emerging diseases.

The Vietnam trials will provide field data to inform product development with Virbac (VIRP), the world’s seventh largest veterinarian pharmaceutical group and a leading animal health player in aquaculture, who is partnering with Pebble Labs to co-develop and commercialize breakthrough solutions for disease prevention in aquaculture.

“This transition from the lab to the field and pond is a major milestone for our research at Pebble Labs,” said David G. Morgan, President and Chief Executive Officer. “This work is essential to demonstrating the impact our breakthrough technology can have on emerging diseases in agriculture and aquaculture food crops. We look forward to the findings and moving closer to commercialization of our science to support global food security,” said Morgan.

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