Seafood You Can Trust

The world needs aquaculture more than ever. However, we increasingly rely on antibiotics and other chemicals that get into our food and ecosystems. We have a safer way.

  • Aquaculture provides a vital supply of protein to feed the world’s people, and continues to increase in importance as the planet’s growing population places greater strain on our oceans, lakes and rivers.
  • In an effort to combat disease, increasing levels of antibiotics and chemicals are being deployed, compromising the purity, quality and safety of seafood products and their ecosystem.
  • Mermaid is solving this global problem by harnessing the naturally found bacteria that lives within seafood – such as shrimp and other aquatic life – to block the transmission of diseases and viruses.
  • Mermaid’s breakthrough technology — generates target-specific RNA interference molecules that substantially reduce the transmission of diseases and viruses — providing an innovative and effective natural solution, replacing the need for antibiotics and chemicals. Our patented science has been proven to increase production and create a more sustainable and healthy supply of seafood.
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