Pebble Labs Completes Purchase of $11.5M New Mexico Consortium Biological Laboratory in Los Alamos, NM
September 26, 2019
Senator Udall Visits Pebble Labs
November 15, 2019

Joseph & Ashley DeAguero – A Science Family Returns to New Mexico

The first in their families to attend college, Joseph & Ashley DeAguero, who work in our Parallax and Trait Divisions, have now returned home to work at Pebble Labs.

Sweethearts since high school at Espanola, the two of them have earned masters degrees and have moved their small family (with two children) back to the area where they grew up.  It’s the perfect scenario – great jobs in their areas of scientific expertise at Pebble Labs, in their native New Mexico, near family and grandparents.

Read the full story from Los Alamos Reporter.


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