Pebble Labs universal platform technology is being developed to address issues that affect aquaculture, agriculture and vector-borne diseases. Significantly, the high specificity of interference RNA technology and its lack of off-target effects, coupled with the universal presence of RNA in plants and animals helps us realize a level of precision and safety previously not achieved in other pathogen and pest control strategies.

Transbiotics™ represents an environmentally sustainable, low cost and rapidly deployable system for pathogen and pest control.

Pebble Labs:
Unlocking Nature’s Code to Meet Mankind’s Biggest Challenges for a Healthier Planet.

Strategic partnerships

We discover and develop new products both independently and in collaboration with investors, biotechnology and academic partners. In all our collaborations with partners we apply our proprietary technologies, including the Transbiotics platform.

We have and seek strong partnerships in aquaculture, agriculture and vector-borne diseases. We are also willing to enter into licensing or collaborative discussions and are passionate to pursue new partnerships and collaborations.

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