Teamwork + Ingenuity = Innovation

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships – Our Los Alamos Research Team of more than 35+ PhDs and staff have extensive academic and commercial partnerships to advance their research by collaborating with leading scientific institutions across the globe.  Pebble Labs’ international network includes alliances with the world’s most respected scientists at institutions such as  Queensland University of Technology,  Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (Florida Atlantic University),  Johns Hopkins University, Colorado State University, Penn State University and  New Mexico State University.


Parallax Analytics – Parallax is our in-house, proprietary advanced analytics and computational team utilizing uniquely developed algorithms, software and data sources to rationally design and drive accelerated research initiatives and studies underway in aquaculture, agriculture and disease control.  This custom tailored in-house service, exclusive to Pebble Labs, provides a powerful catalyst to accelerate the development of our science and enhance the collaboration of our scientific community and supporting institutions.


Regulatory Expertise – Our dedicated regulatory experts and staff are proven leaders in successfully navigating challenging studies and new products through all phases of compliance and regulatory regimes. This in-house expertise crafts tailored strategies with the agility to rapidly advance through cumbersome and complex timelines to regulatory approval, working in real-time in tandem with our scientific teams.


Legal, Business Development, Talent, Leadership – We are committed to building best-in-class talent and leadership throughout the multi-disciplinary functions associated with bringing innovative science, IP and new products to market.  Our in-house teams are led by proven and seasoned leadership capable of delivering Pebble Labs’ complex business, investment and communications needs.