Imagine a healthier planet using less pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics to grow the food our growing global population needs.

Aquaculture is worth $6 billion per year worldwide and continues to grow. Farmed seafood comprised fish, shellfish, crustaceans and seaweed and around 90% is produced in Asia. In specific sectors like shrimp, disease losses are estimated to exceed 40% of global capacity, risking the collapse of production across nations.

The world needs healthier aquaculture to counter collapsing fish stocks and to improve protein production worldwide. Using less antibiotics to produce food protein will help preserve their effectiveness, to fight diseases in humans and to preserve our environment.

Our technology will reduce the overuse of antibiotics in aquaculture. The Transbiotics™ technology platform is based on producing and delivering RNA interference molecules (RNAi) to selected, naturally occurring bacteria. These are then transmitted to the host organism to control targeted pathogens and pests in crops, livestock, fish and humans.

Mermaid Bio is harnessing the tools of nature to develop non-antibiotic disease control protocols to combat animal health problems, to better our health and our environment.

“We are solving the US $6 billion per year global aquaculture disease problem”

– Michael Harrison, CEO, Pebble Labs

Our Growing Population

Our population is growing by 1 billion people per decade.

As oceans and rivers lose their fish, 40% of commercial fish now come from aquaculture.

Disease, pesticides and antibiotics are putting this industry and our health at risk.

Our Diminishing Resources

Declining Harvest from the Sea.

To solve this problem, our technology uses naturally occurring bacteria to target the specific pathogen or pest, by blocking the disease-causing genes, without harming the environment, the host organism or humans.

Our solution is simple, safe and affordable and can be produced inexpensively at scale. It can be easily and safely applied by farmers and producers of fish and livestock, and incorporated into animal feed, with a long and stable shelf life.

The global farmed shrimp industry is a growing $6B+ annual market. The real risk is collapse from disease, with over 40% destruction in the shrimp sector alone. Mermaid Bio