Directed Biotics is our proprietary platform technology

  • Directed Biotics is a rapid response solution to emerging diseases in plant and animal food production
  • Directed Biotics eliminates pathogens using an RNAi “probiotic approach.” Natural biological molecules are used by the plant’s and animal’s innate immune system to fight disease
  • Directed Biotics overcomes the current challenges of RNAi technology: cost-effectiveness on a global commercial scale, robust delivery system to plant or animal host, protection from rapid environmental degradation, and the ability to rapidly respond to emerging threats to food security on a global level

Why Do We Use RNA?

  • RNA exists inside all living cells and in many viruses and is considered GRAS* by the FDA
  • RNA can be used to turn off characteristics of choice in the host without changing its genetics
  • RNA is highly targeted and has no off-target effects


*GRAS = Generally Regardesd as Safe, a  designation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in USA.

Why Do We Use Bacteria?

  • Directed Biotics uses a probiotic bacteria, Bacillus subtilis, which is considered GRAS* by the FDA
  • The bacteria delivers RNA and can continue to produce RNA in the host
  • We select the bacteria that drives the exact result we want – some will ensure pathogens are disabled and not persist in the host, others will stay in the host and continuously produce RNA to provide long-lasting impact

Why Do We Use Bioinformatics?

  • Our team designs research constructs in silico to accelerate discoveries and validations
  • This results in precision of our laboratory time and trials, lowers costs and speeds our path to market
  • This expertise enables our technology to quickly adapt to emerging diseases