Our Purpose


Pebble Labs is developing patent-pending bio-control techniques designed to eliminate an organism’s ability to carry and spread diseases and pests. In simple terms, our innovative cross-kingdom platform technology will use naturally occurring bacteria that is modified to express double-stranded RNA that stops the expression of target genes. 

We believe that Pebble Lab's platform technology will result in a combination of solutions against animal and plant diseases and pests, that optimally positions us to transform the industries that we enter.

Our People

Pebble Labs has harnessed the best-in-class leaders of both biotechnology and business. We're a team of world-renowned scientists and highly respected executives who strongly believe in innovation to solve the world's problems. 

Led by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Richard Sayre, a Senior Research Scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory and the New Mexico Consortium, Pebble Labs uses an innovative “distributed" model for scientific research, collaborating with world class experts in academia and the private sector. We coordinate research from one central location (The New Mexico Consortium) but use the world class facilities of Colorado State University, New Mexico State University, the National Center for Genome Resources and others for our research efforts. We further supplement these research centers with oversight from a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of some of the foremost leading scientists in their fields.